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About DUS

Trade Services at its Finest

Denver Undertaking Services was established in 2021 by Traci L. Denver. Traci has worked as a Funeral Director and Embalmer in the state of New Hampshire since 2012, receiving her license in 2013. Traci prides herself in her professionalism and strives to provide the best service possible. She works tirelessly to learn new techniques in order to improve her skills for the funeral homes that place their trust in DUS.


Traci is currently working to obtain her licensure in the surrounding states, to further increase her value in the funeral industry. 


Traci is also proud to be a member of Life Forest team as the Director of Burial Service. She spearheaded Life Forest's Guardianship Program which you can learn more about through her free 2 credit CEU Course on Redesigning the End, PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND DIGNITY THROUGH BURIALS.

 To learn more about these amazing burial grounds and all programs offered please visit

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285 Union Square, Ste 3

Milford, NH

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